Logo alone

The Nareit logo alone, without the tagline, can be used in two instances:

  1. Use the logo alone for predetermined internal brand communications, where the tagline is present on another side of a communication.
  2. The logo may appear alone in small space situations. An optimized version of the Nareit logo has been developed to use at extremely small scales to ensure legibility of the registered mark. In these instances (e.g., on small merchandise like pens), use the small- scale version of the logo.

Regular use logos

Use this logo for reproduction sizes 0.24" for print/58px for digital and taller.

Small-scale logos

Use this logo for reproduction sizes between 0.23" and 0.14" for print/ 57px and 35px for digital.

Stand-alone tagline

Never use the stand-alone tagline asset as a piece of artwork unless the Nareit logo also appears on a communication. All stand-alone tagline usage must be approved by Nareit's Communications Team. 

Note that the stand-alone tagline should always appear with the ™ trademark symbol. In limited circumstances, the tagline may need to be reproduced at a very small scale where legibility is compromised (e.g., merchandise), and the TM symbol may be removed.

Use this tagline for reproduction sizes 0.225" for print/45px for digital and taller.