Logo overview

The official Nareit logo artwork contains four separate pieces. These individual assets (shown below) serve different roles within the visual identity system. Other than the four assets below, no other representations of the Nareit logo are approved.


Logo color versions

The three official color versions of the Nareit logo are black, white and blue.


Black is the primary color version for the logo. Use it in most instances where the Nareit logo adds power to the brand. The reverse, or white logo, is also considered primary and can be used on dark backgrounds. The primary color version of the logo should be used on most, if not all, brand touchpoints.



The secondary color version of the logo is blue. Its use is reserved for situations where Nareit is positioned in a competitive context. In these instances, the primary version doesn’t allow the Nareit logo to stand out from its peers (i.e., a collection of logos positioned together for a sponsorship). Its use is extremely limited and should require brand approval.


Logo clear space

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that is free of any graphics, partner identities or typography. This space ensures that the Nareit logo is easily recognized and prominent in all our communications.

The minimum clear space on all four sides of the master logo and tagline lockups is equal to half the height of the “N” in Nareit. Whenever possible we recommend expanding the clear space.