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Why Re-Brand?

Nareit has been the worldwide representative voice for REITs and publicly traded real estate for nearly 60 years. Over that time, our industry has evolved and become very different from the REIT marketplace that existed five decades ago – or even one.

The REIT market has grown in size and scope

The U.S. REIT marketplace has grown to more than $1 trillion in stock market value and $3 trillion in assets. It has become far more diverse, as new property sectors have developed to serve emerging industries, and it has spawned a global REIT market that encompasses more than 35 nations.

Our audiences are viewing REITs in new ways

The evolution and growth of our marketplace is changing the way investors and other audiences view REITs, as evidenced by the creation of stand-alone real estate sectors in the S&P, MSCI and FTSE indices. These new sectors are affirmations of the REIT industry’s size and significance within our economy.

We need to increase understanding of REITs

The dramatic change in our marketplace and growth of interest in REITs has led Nareit’s leadership to re-brand the association and the industry it serves to increase understanding of REITs and the benefits they provide to investors, communities and the economy.

Re-Branding can bring clarity and consistency to the REIT discussion

Nareit’s Brand Center provides new tools to help you:

  • Discuss REITs and the industry in a consistent, compelling and understandable way with all your audiences, and achieve consistency in the way they describe REITs
  • Build recognition of the important functions REITs perform in increasing investment performance, supporting the growth of communities and stimulating economic growth
  • Increase understanding of Nareit and its work through consistent messaging and use of the visual identity system